Ecuador Earthquake: How To Help

Image credit: Eduardo Adams, 2016

Image credit: Eduardo Adams, 2016

(For a Spanish version of this post, which includes more information for local assistance, click here.)

  1. Current Status
  2. Charities
    1. KAHRE
    2. Spanish Red Cross
    3. UNICEF
    4. Let’s Build Hope

Current Status

36 horas after the earthquake, the reported numbers are horrifying: 500 dead, 2,000 missing, and as many as 100,000 persons in need of aid. There are a number of efforts to collect aid: charities like the Red Cross and UNICEF; local groups, such as Voluntarios Unidos por Ecuador, and individual groups organized through Facebook and Twitter. If you are looking to contribute, your best options are the Spanish Red Cross and UNICEF. There is an official account for donations set up by the government, but bear in mind that Ecuador is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The account information is located here (scroll down).

Volunteers working in the affected areas are asking all non-specialized individuals to stay away, and to channel their help efforts through the government’s food collection plans or the international charities that are already present in the disaster area.


Not registered on Charity Watch, nor do they publish transparency reports or financial statements on their web page. Their executive director has been spearheading a volunteer group that is assisting victims on-site at ground zero of the earthquake (Jama, Canoa).

How to help:

They are currently soliciting Paypal donations on their web page, and Karla is coordinating efforts on the ground through her Twitter account.

Spanish Red Cross

Not listed in Charity Watch, but they present a transparency report here.

Press Release (in Spanish):

How to help:

Donations (in Spanish):


Charity Watch Rating: A

Press Release (In Spanish):

How to help:

Credit card or Paypal donations (worldwide): (In English, donation is tax-deductible for US residents) (In English, donation is tax-deductible for UK residents) (In Spanish)

(If you are donating from Spain, 75% of the first 150€ you donate are tax-deductible.)

Via SMS (from a Spanish mobile number):

Bank transfer (from anywhere in the world):

Let’s Build Hope

An initiative to provide quick-deployment housing through adapted shipping containers. Their GoFundMe webpage is here.

Together with the Guayaquil Chamber of Construction, a group of entrepreneurs, local institutions, and help from local communities we’ve developed a project called “Construyendo Esperanza” (Building Hope), designing and building container homes that will be used as either temporary or long-term housing for the victims.

Your donation will go towards:

– Materials
– Site Preperation
– Containers
– Transportation
– Living Essentials

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